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The owner of Venture Analysis, Anita Eglitis, is currently the CEO of eGrants Pty Ltd (formerly eGov Pty Ltd), an internet services company.


Venture Analysis specialises in accurately foreseeing the risks that cause companies and projects to underperform, and in working with a company's executives and board to avert those risks and achieve quantum improvements in shareholder value.

We provide independent advisory and consultancy services in relation to:

  • management and governance of major projects, especially very large technology and infrastructure projects,

  • evaluation and risk management of new business initiatives and early-stage private equity ventures.

Our services are focused on three sets of clients:

  • directors of listed companies (especially non-executive directors) with responsibility for approving and monitoring corporate strategy, major projects or capital investments

  • senior private and public sector executives seeking to improve corporate, program or project performance

  • large private equity investors (including VCs and overseas-based investment funds) seeking to manage the risks associated with early-stage investments.

Our core values are:

  • a total commitment to our clients' interests, and

  • professionalism and integrity in all aspects of our business.

Venture Analysis is based in Melbourne, Australia, but has provided advice to Australian and international clients.